5 Best Affiliate Ad Networks to Generate Additional Revenue

5 Best Affiliate Ad Networks to Generate Additional Revenue

If you are having enthusiasm, then nothing can stop you from making money from any source you choose. What is going to be the simplest way to make money? Surely, the answer lies in the online income. There are many ways, but the easiest way is affiliate marketing.

It’s a multi billon industry and if you select carefully you can generate a source of income through it. Every business online wants to grow their sales and they keep on inventing new ways to reach the potentials.


Affiliate marketing is a best way to earn income from home and this is not wrong to say, that affiliate marketing is multi-million-dollar business. Many online marketers including me already got success in it.


Numerous merchant’s (client’s) work directly with publishers (affiliates), but still there are many affiliate ad networks available that connect publishers with merchant’s.

If you have interest in making money with right affiliate ad networks, then here are 5 best affiliate Ad networks that can help you not only gaining profits, but additional revenues.


  1. Amazon associates

We all know that Amazon is rocking and leading and you can also get your share. Amazon is having very low commission rates in the initial stage it is about 4-8.5%. On the other hand, there are products that can get you a profit of 10 percent, but not all. Commission rates can also increase depending upon the sales volume. Do not worry as with such a low commission rates still you will be able to make enough or it will boost up your niche. There are millions of products on Amazon, which you can promote.

Good points

  • There is a massive inventory from which you can choose
  • Getting started with Amazon is extremely easy
  • Payments are consistent and porting s easy


Bad points

  • Low commissions
  • You only get live chat support


  1. Rakuten LinkShare

You might be wondering why it is in the list despite there are so many merchants who are backing out. The reason why it is in the top list is because of the excellent tools it offers to maximize your revenue and sleek interface. If you are new to affiliate marketing, then LinkShare is having many things that can help you such as video tutorials, newsletters and you can also go for in-person trainings. To get to the platinum stage you will have to draw lots of traffic. The best thing about this Ad network is that anyone can join it.


Good points

  • Option of rotating banners
  • You get trainings
  • Deep availability of links


Bad points

  • Mall network
  • Will must wait for payment


  1. ShareASale

The thing that makes ShareASale a best affiliate ad network is that it is having one thousand exclusive offers. You are not going to get this from any other program. There are more than four thousand merchants and you can choose any. You can see cookie duration and sales of the merchant, which is a good thing. Payments are processed on the 20th of every month and minimum commission is $50.


Good points

  • Exclusive merchants to choose from
  • You get to see the data of merchants
  • You get consistent payments


Bad points

  • Site looks clunky
  • Merchants are not well known


  1. ClickBank

If the commission rates for other affiliate ad networks are not much to impress you, then ClickBank is the right choice. The merchant numbers is not that good, but the commission rate is 75%, which counterbalances everything. There are few problems with this ad networks like low quality offers, but still there are ways out. It offers filtering system so that you can choose the ones that you want.

Good points

  • Payment flexibility is excellent and you can use PPC to promote he products
  • Easy interface
  • High commission rates


Bad points

  • Smaller merchant networks (500 companies)
  • The majority of the offers lack quality features


  1. CJ Affiliate by conversant

CJ affiliates are offering affiliate ads marketing since 1998 and are having a huge selection of offers. They are well known for their large publishers. There is one thing a publisher must need to have improvement from advertisers before starting implementation. There are some best features available for WordPress users as there are plug-in available with the aid of which they can use to generate more revenue. The control panel they offer is easy and simple to use. For first timers, it is going to be a bit challenging, but not impossible. They offer payments via direct deposit or check.


Good points

  • A wide range of offers available
  • Publishers gets consistent payments
  • You get widgets for products


Bad points

  • Poor customer support
  • Difficult to understand initially


These are the five best affiliate ad networks that can help you in making additional revenues. No doubt, there are both pluses and minuses, but still they stand in the best categories. All these are Commission Factory network and offers best commission rates, which are going to increase as you are going to progress ahead.

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