How to Include Affiliate Links into your Content?

How to Include Affiliate Links into your Content?

While writing content for a website there are a lot of things that one has to take care of, especially since web marketing has taken over. You should know in what way you have to frame the body of your content and what piece of information to be adjusted where.


Now, affiliate marketing is a popular online marketing type under which one website promotes another website’s product and services. Under this, the website has an affiliate link which is added in a blog post.


affiliate link process


These links are the affiliate’s unique ID or username. For that you need to join affiliate network, Some popular affiliate marketing programs include; LinkShare, Google Affiliate Network, Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, ShareASale, and NeverBlue etc.

As a content writer, it is important for you to know how you can add an affiliate link to your content.


Below mentioned points are the ways to include affiliate links into your content:


  1. With the help of keywords

While writing content for a blog post you may use various keywords into it. These keywords can be anything name of a store, or a product or any word related to the site or its product. You can add your affiliate link with the keyword so that the readers will be directly taken to the store’s website by clicking on it.

Adjusting the link within the words is an effective way of including the affiliate links to the content. In this way, your readers will feel more connected and are likely to go through the store. You must need to write high quality content to get maximum conversions/sales on specific product or store


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  1. Using Banners as a link

Using banners to add affiliate links to the content is the most common way used in affiliate marketing. Banners are creative and hence fetch the reader’s attention. Using a banner can be a good option since it doesn’t need any specific place in your content.



You can fit in the banner anywhere inside your content, it can be on the top, after the heading, between the content or at the end of the post.


  1. Reviewing products

Another best method to add an affiliate link on your blog content is by writing reviews about the products of the affiliates you are working with. You can pick from any famous product of the advertiser and write a review about it.



This is one of the more personalized methods of adding links as before buying any product people generally like to evaluate the product. So at the end of the content, they can easily add the link, in the end, directing people straight to the site of the advertiser.



  1. Coupons and deals

This is a very productive way in which you can adjust the affiliate links into your content. You can mention the offers available on different products of the concerned store in your blog post. Offers and deals are tempting.


So after telling them about the deals, you can place the website of the store which will be your affiliate link.



As an affiliate marketer, you should be well-acquainted that how a certain thing can be and should be placed within your content. Any website is mainly recognized by the quality and style of its content. For a genuine blog post to be you must know how to add the affiliate links inside your content. In a web post, you cannot just randomly place the links. Therefore, this blog tells you how you can include the affiliate links in your content.

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