What is FlyMedia?

Fly Media is a leading global affiliate network offers exclusive payouts on all campaigns. Established in 2017, our 2500+ affiliate’s leverages performance to hundreds of brands in Gulf countries and other parts of the world. We ensure to provide best payout’s, robust tracking platform, dedicated account manager, advance reporting, and support to our publisher’s.

By joining FlyMedia a publisher you just need to agree our terms and conditions. We do not discriminate on the basis of country. Worldwide publishers are welcome to join our affiliate network. If you have a traffic on your site/blog/social media account/mailer reach you can easily join and start earning.

We usually take 1 business days to screen new Publisher applications. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

No, it’s totally free to join FlyMedia as a publisher. If you have site/blog/social media profile/media buying visibility you can easily join as affiliate.

Once registered with FlyMedia you will receive a username & password that will grant you access to our platform. To login to www.flymedianetwork.com and click on the “Affiliate Login” option. You can also access the login page at https://partners.flymedia.in. In case you lose or forget your password, you can request a new one of this by clicking on “Forget Your Password”. A new password will be generated and send to your registered mail address.  

If your account is suspended for being inactive for too long you can email your account manager or drop an email at [email protected] or to your account manager and they will be happy to help you get it turned back on.

Please use forget password option or ask your account manager to send a link for password reset. You will get email on your registered mail id, form there you can easily change your password. 

Click on offers it will show all your active offers. Now click on offer name, it will open tracking links page from where you can access all creatives.

FlyMedia paid publisher’s on a 45 days cycle. Payments are typically send between 15-30 of each month for commission earned during the corresponding performance period.

Yes, we pay GST/Service Tax at current rates you just need to send signed and stamped hard copy of invoices with your service tax number.

Approved: The conversion was successful and the merchant has approved the commission and added in your next billing cycle

Rejected: The conversion was not approved by the merchant of the commission is invalid.

Pending: the commission has not been validated yet. When the merchant review the conversion the status will change to Approved or Declined.


For payment we usually do with NEFT/Bank Transfer/Cheque or Via Pay Pal (for international publisher). You just need to provide your account details with your Bank details. Scan of cancelled cheque along with Pan Card.

The minimum threshold for payment is Rs. 1,000 / $100. If you earn less than that in a month, your commissions will automatically roll over to the next month.

How will you Promote my Offers? What are the Main Traffic Sources?

At FlyMedia we have a lot’s of affiliates in the network and they selectively choose the offers they want to run themselves. The affiliates who find your offer as a good match to their inventory will pick and test your campaign.

A successful and popular offer might see traffic from hundreds of affiliates across multiple traffic types such as coupon/deal, display, email marketing, search engines, social media/ influencer marketing and others.

Yes, you can specify - what type of traffic you want and what type of traffic you want to exclude like Search engine or social network traffic.

There is no direct contact between affiliates and advertisers. All contact goes through your assigned account manager from FlyMedia.

At FlyMedia we mainly run CPO, CPS, CPC, CPV, CPL, CPR, CPA and CPI. You can choose offer as per your traffic sources. 

We use getCake which is one of the best and most premium tracking systems available in market.

We mostly work on Pixel and cookie tracking where we provide the advertiser with a tracking pixel to place on the thank you page where they declare an action as valid and should be paid for.

This is how Pixel-Based Tracking Works

- User sees an offer.- User clicks on the offer.- Click goes to an FlyMedia -cake server which generates a transaction ID for that session and returns an HTML page containing a cookie for that ID to be placed in the user's browser.- That page redirects the user to the offer's landing page.- When the user converts on that offer ( i.e. made a sale, fill a lead etc ) : 


1.The advertiser's final page for that offer contains HTML code linking back to a FlyMedia-getCake server. That code is either a small, unnoticeable image or iFrame.


2.  FlyMedia-getCake server sees the cookie in the user's browser and records the conversion for that session.

We also work on Pixel-based tracking also called "pixel tracking", "client-side tracking", and "cookie-based tracking".

Pixel based Tracking uses browser cookies to track sessions generated on clicks to attribute conversions. This method is entirely dependent on the user's browser.


We don't approve every affiliate application we receive on average only 80% of applications are approved. We put affiliates through a quality assurance and fraud check before we allow them any brand promotion. This helps us in reducing the occurrence of fraud.

In addition to this our account managers reach all our advertisers for daily or weekly feedback on leads/installs that they are getting through FlyMedia.  Whenever we find negative feedback for any affiliate in terms of quality that affiliate is right away paused for the said campaign.

Website is required to Get Account Approved?

Not in every case. Because there are lots of influencer’s and media buyers working with us. If you are a influencer having account in social media (Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Telegram) or media buyer, then call or write to our team explaining details how you will promote our brands/offers.

To be a FlyMedia network influencer, you need to be active on Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter. You love to take photos and share them with your friends. You would have achieved a certain number of followers and gained significant levels of engagement ("likes" and comments) for each of your Instagram or other social media channels posts. To qualify as preferred influencers, you are required to have at least 1,000 followers. As we match you with possible opportunities, you can decide if you are interested on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

After signing up as an Influencer, you may concern with your affiliate manager at FlyMedia. They will help you to provide top brands coupon, you may ask for custom code if required for better reach.

You just need to reach your account manager they will share with you all active brands sheet with you. Now you need to choose which brand you want to promote and request a code accordingly.

Campaigns would usually consist of promoting the brands' products or services based on the brand's detailed specification. They could include any of the following exciting activities and opportunities:

 New product launches: This could include behind-the-scenes event invitations, previews, product photos, user trials, etc.

 Promotions: Special deals, sales, or discounts, usually tagged to a unique hashtag or code.

 Product Review: We provide you gift voucher and in return you need to review the product and add promo on your social media profile’s.

• Brand fan growth: Influencers to "take over" the Instagram accounts for brands and to help to grow their fan base.

As a valued influencer, you will receive different forms of benefits from the brands that you work with. They may include the following:

 Gift Voucher

•  Monetary compensation (either based on number of posts or engagement)

  Commission based on referred sales or other KPIs (eg customer or member acquisition)

We will pay influencers either through PayPal or Bank Transfer. Unless otherwise agreed upon, payments over $500 will be done through cheque/Bank Transfer.

No, we believe that influencers should have the freedom to work with any agency that they wish to and have the full right to their own accounts.

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