7 Usability Tweaks To Increase Your Ad Conversions


7 Usability Tweaks To Increase Your Ad Conversions

Ad conversion is the most important step, when you want to boost your sales. Many researches have claimed that most of the business owners spend a large sum of money to attract the customers and only a small amount of money to convert them. It is also claimed that ad blocking is rising up to 41% on a year to year basis, and that 54% of users do not tap banner ads, as they are lacking behind the interest or trust in them. This is the main reason why businesses combat to increase the profitability.

The level of conversion optimization is now damaged.  You as a business owner need to opt for some interesting things that can help you in increasing the ad conversions. Opting for the below mentioned 7 tweaks can aid you in getting the most out of the ad conversions easily and effectively, so, let us get started with them:

1.     The choice matters a lot

The first usability tweak is to understand the choice of people. There is a book by Barry Schwartz, known as ‘The Paradox of Choice: Why More is less.’ In this book, there is a great discussion about the fewer choices given to people and how it leads to better conversions and enhanced satisfaction levels. You can read the whole book and come to know how to boost the ad conversions.

One can apply the same principle to the advertising. It means that you need to set one goal for your ads along with the limit on the total number of ads. With the fewer ads, you can even get more conversions for you.

2.     Utilize colors in a consistent manner

The color plays a great role in boosting the brand recognition up to 80%. It is important to use the color in the best ever manner you can. See the tips to enhance the color utilization feature in the ads:

·       There must be a presence of colors in the ads. Make sure to avoid white and black colors.

·       Men and women have different choices. So, you need to understand the target audience and then use the color accordingly, like the soft colors for women and bold colors for men.

·       Consistency must be there in the ads, with the brand. Use the color in such a manner that it can create a better relationship between your ads and the brand.


3.     Add responsive ads

Responsiveness is also important to have because it is an era of the mobile users. It means that you need to use responsive ads that can fit to the size of a mobile browser as well. It will take your ad conversion to a higher level because thousands of users prefer to use mobiles than PCs.

4.     Use the text heavy banner ads

Rather than using the photos of hot models that are of low quality, you must make use of the text heavy banner ads. These ads get more number of clicks than simple banner ads. What you need to understand is to make sure that the text available on the ad must communicate exactly with the users. In this manner, the users will know what they get with every click on the ad.

5.     Good and right fonts are needed

It is clear to you that the text heavy fonts are capable of attracting more viewers and making them converted the ads into sales. It means that they have good click through rates. Take care of the best font size, which must be about 16 pixels that will definitely work. Avoid using small fonts, of course, they accommodate more text in an ad, however, they would not work for your ad conversion. Understand the reasons to choose the big fonts than smaller ones. With the bigger fonts, you can make sure everybody can view your message. Bigger fonts are useful for people at the age of 40 or above, as they might have vision issues.

6.     A clear visible call to action is important

It is a wise idea to clear what you wish people to do after clicking on your ad. By just providing interactive ads, it is not sufficient to imagine that people understand what they need with the ads. It is vital to specify each and everything.

7.     Twist your headline and the copy

While communicating your end goals to users both in the copy and the headline, you will get high click-through and conversions. It will focus more on the goal of creating an ad. So, it is better to show what your ads speak about both in the headline and the copy to give enhanced specificity.

Final verdict

Ads do not speak themselves, if there might be no uniqueness, creativeness and optimization. So, with the effective ad optimization, businesses can lead to higher ad conversion, resulting in a great success for them.